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Puretein (4 lbs.)

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A Functional Un-Denatured Soluble Native Whey Protein Isolate For Superior Biological Activity

  • Sufficient To Stimulate The Synthesis Of
    • Myosin – Responsible For Muscle Creation††
    • Mitochondrial Proteins – Necessary For Muscle Activity
  • Undenatured Leucine Content Stimulates Muscle Protein††
  • Synthesis Due To Native Character Of Protein
  • Naturally Occurring Cysteine For Enhanced Glutathione Production††
  • Facilitates Liver Regenerative Activity And Anti-Aging Properties

PURETEIN is obtained through a very specific process : the proteins are extracted directly from skimmed milk using membrane technologies at low temperature (microfiltration and ultrafiltration).

This process offers the following advantageous characteristics:

  • The production of Puretein from milk rather than whey makes it possible to obtain an excellent amino acid profile (a strongest concentration in essential amino acids). Puretein is free from GMP (Glycomacropeptide – derived from cheese production) which reduces the nutritional value of whey proteins.
  • The microfiltration used during the process provides the possibility of withdrawing both the bacteria and the residual fat from skimmed milk, thus giving Puretein excellent microbiological and organoleptic qualities (with no taste defects from the absence of fat).
  • The manufacturing process of Puretein is carried out at low temperature, thus preserving the native character of the proteins : this absence of denaturation enables the proteins to fully maintain their nutritional and functional capacities (water binding capacity, foamability, texture…)