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Pre Script™ is scientifically developed to help you achieve maximum performance, muscle hyperemia (pump) and vasodilation. This is beneficial because it does not cause muscle catabolism. In addition, Pre Script™ provides clean energy and focus without the CRASH.

Because of the scope of attention it pays to preventing muscle breakdown through peptide rich aminos and growth factors derived from Wheyulin™ and SuperSerum® , your muscles are given the ability to enter an anabolic state. This gives your body a distinct advantage to playing catch up from unnecessary muscle amino depletion due to natural metabolic tendencies. With high doses of ingredients such as Hydromax™ glycerol (2.5 g per scoop) and potassium nitrate (600 mg per scoop), Pre Script™ addresses the issue of driving nutrients into the muscle to induce a pump and promote vascularity. At the same time, Pre Script™ provides clean focused energy with an efficacious dose of caffeine combined with glucuronolactone. Pre Script™ differentiates itself from other preworkouts in having the right dose of stimulants while addressing muscle performance.

An area in preworkouts that is widely ignored is the inclusion of ingredients that prevent muscle breakdown and aid in muscle performance. Some preworkouts will include one or two amino acid sources but your muscles require the full amino acid range. Wheyulin™ provides unique peptide rich growth factors at a higher % than any available protein and high % bioavailable amino acids. It aids in anabolic cellular transport and boosting the immune system. SuperSerum® is a bovine plasma fraction that contains 585 amino acids made up of peptide rich albumin serum. This means it is 75% bioavailable to your body compared to typical proteins which are only about 10% bioavailable. As a result, it takes a small amount of this novel protein amino source to impact your body’s muscle.