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Fire up your day with Amino Fusion™! Amino Fusion™ is a natural mood elevation and energy drink that sustains energy for 6 hours with no crash. It contains elevated conditionally essential amino acids (CEAAs) and superior bio-available peptide bonded aminos and antioxidants. Amino Fusion™ offers the full range of amino acids, not just a select few. This is important for fueling your muscles and preventing any catabolism. In addition, these amino acids are in their most stable and absorbable form: peptide bonded. Amino Fusion™ also has an array of fire starters in its blend, which as summarized below, boost health, immunity and fat metabolism.

Fire Starters of Amino Fusion™ Description

PURENERGY™: a co-crystal caffeine bonded to Pterostilbene which provides a half life of 6 hours worth of smooth, easy energy and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, support healthy fat metabolism while being a strong antioxidant to aid in eye, brain and immune health

Green coffee: a source of caffeine which has been shown, with its chlorogenic acid content, to help with fat metabolism by promoting greater insulin sensitivity

Coffeeberry™: the antioxidant and nutrient storage powerhouse containing chlorogenic acid that has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity for favorable glucose storage and has immune boosting polyphenols for overall health

Pomegranate: a strong antioxidant which research shows enhances blood and oxygen flow to cells, aids in fat burning and promotes heart health

CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine: the studied form of Beta Alanine which at the clinical dose used has been shown to help increase ATP synthesis and promote pH balance within muscle cells for greater performance and endurance

Suntheanine ®: the studied form of L-Theanine which at the clinical dose used has been shown to:

  • reduce stress, enhance quality of sleep and promote relaxation without drowsiness
  • improve focus, attention, learning performance and mental clarity
  • Eases nervousness caused by daily overwork and fatigue
  • Diminish normal symptoms of PMS